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An evening with dr. Zahi HawassAn evening with dr. Zahi Hawass
USA Grand Lecture Tour
May & June 2023

About us

An Evening with Dr. Zahi Hawass is organized by Archaeological Paths, an international leader in travel and event production.

Over the past decade, Archaeological Paths has been an exclusive partner to Dr. Hawass, organizing tours of Egypt with the participation of the famous archaeologist. Our tours are also attended by other world-renowned experts in the field of archaeology, museum directors, and high-profile ministers; and even used to include the participation of late First Lady of Egypt, Dr. Jehan Sadat. Archaeological Paths’ journeys provide a comprehensive view of Egypt’s history, culture, and customs. In addition, we create tailor-made tours for royalty, presidents, and stars of the silver screen.

Our involvements

Archaeological Paths is dedicated to making a real difference in archaeology and related fields. We are an active supporter of Dr. Hawass’ large-scale excavation projects at Egypt’s most important sites, such as the Valley of the Kings. We are involved in a variety of activities that promote the archaeology of Egypt, from book publishing and documentary production to organizing world lecture tours, conferences, and exhibitions.

Photo of Dr. Zahi Hawass
I do believe that the name of Archaeological Paths should go down in history, written in gold, for its contribution to promoting the legacy of ancient Egypt.
- Dr. Zahi Hawass

Book publishing, Documentary production, Lecture tours & Exhibitions

Archaeological Paths has actively shared the latest archaeological research and discoveries through the publication and sponsorship of a number of works on ancient Egypt, including A Secret Voyage, The Legend of Tutankhamun, and Dr. Hawass’ travel guide, Secret Egypt.

Our team contributed to the production of the Discovery Channel’s Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live, in which explorer Josh Gates and Dr. Hawass explored remote burial sites.

We sponsor and organize lectures and exhibitions all over the world. We were the official partner of Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh, an exhibition held in Los Angeles.

Luxury brand partnerships

Every year, Archaeological Paths partners with luxury brands and is featured in top-of-the-line publications. We are the official partner of 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation – Royal Edition, published in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday, as well as the official partner of Bentley Motors’ 100th-anniversary celebrations and the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club’s annual meetings and have been presented in its last four yearbooks – Strive for Perfection – as one of the most upscale and luxurious brands in the world. We were also invited to attend the 70th birthday celebrations for Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, and were profiled in the landmark royal publication Our Future King: Prince Charles at 70.

Over the years, Archaeological Paths has grown into one of Egypt’s greatest supporters and advocates in the United States. Our advertising campaign promoting Egypt as a top travel destination culminated in the heart of New York City on one of the largest digital billboards in the center of Times Square.

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